Trug Love Trug Love

Hi Everyone  Happy Friday {Love} English  trugs  I found this large trug in France and  I use it every day great for holding fresh picked ...

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8:05 PM

Romantic Prairie Style Romantic Prairie Style

Hi Everyone Happy Thursday  I have been  so frustrated with blogspot I have not been able to get a thumbnail picture to show up on other p...

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8:00 PM

Vintage shopping Test #3 Vintage shopping Test #3

Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday Are you ready to test your { vintage} shopping skills again today? I found this Victorian glass treasure in ...

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7:57 PM

Cottage Filigree Cottage Filigree

Hi Everyone Happy Tuesday ♥ {Love} the White Filigree in this doorway and the white filigree on this mirror I added a little white filig...

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8:13 AM

Cottage Design Cottage Design

Hi Everyone Happy Monday This is one of my favorite vintage white baskets ♥ It gets double beauty treatment sitting in front of the mirror ...

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5:54 PM

Collecting  White Ironstone Collecting White Ironstone

Hi Everyone Happy Weekend What do You collect? I was recently asked why I collect White Ironstone I have been passionately collecting it fo...

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1:54 PM

Kitchen Marble Kitchen Marble

Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday When we bought this house I wanted to put in marble counter tops But the budget was limited so I went with simp...

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7:38 PM

French Shopping Romantic Homes magazine giveaway French Shopping Romantic Homes magazine giveaway

& Hi Everyone Happy Tuesday Thank You to all of you who voted at the Circle of Mom's Top 25 congratulations to everyone who parti...

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7:13 PM

Painted White Floor Painted White Floor

Hi Everyone Happy Monday Yesterday was the first day of Spring and it was a busy day at our home Over the past week I decided to remove the...

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7:42 AM

Pink Roses in the Kitchen Pink Roses in the Kitchen

Hi Everyone Happy Saturday These pink roses in the kitchen are from my daughter and her friends What a sweet and thoughtful gift {Love} t...

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8:19 PM