White Chair redo White Chair redo

   Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday Amazing what a little white  can do   I found a  beat up chair that had great bones but needed a little atte...

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7:51 PM

White Kitchen clean White Kitchen clean

 Hi Everyone  Happy Monday ♥  {Love}  a clean kitchen  Kitchens can get what I like to call  clogged up  Not "in the sink" clogg...

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12:39 PM

Decorating a girls room Decorating a girls room

Hi Everyone  Happy Saturday ♥ Here are a few pictures of our  daughters bedroom As you can see she {Loves} pink Her room is filled with c...

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10:59 AM

Fabulous Ferns Fabulous Ferns

Hi Everyone  Happy Friday We have 5 ferns in our Home  {Love} their lacy look and the beautiful green color  Did you know that having plants...

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7:19 PM

Vintage Enamelware Vintage Enamelware

 Hi Everyone  Happy Wednesday ♥ Sometimes it is the simple things that can change the coarse of a day ~Simple~  like these beautiful organic...

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5:13 PM

TV in the kitchen TV in the kitchen

Hi Everyone  Happy Tuesday Do you have a television in your kitchen?  New kitchen designs today  include a place for a television  some even...

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8:43 PM

Purple Pansies Purple Pansies

Hi Everyone  Happy Monday ♥ Planting purple pansies in our front yard  is a tradition this time of year The weather is still cool enough fo...

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7:34 PM

Decorating with Shells Decorating with Shells

   Hi Everyone  Happy Saturday {Love}  to decorate with shells ♥   Treasures from  the sea Such simple beauty ♥ Glass jars filled with fo...

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12:25 PM

Vintage shopping trip Vintage shopping trip

Hi Everyone  Happy Friday This Sunday is the Long Beach antique market  aka swap meet  If you have never been it is worth the trip   not as...

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6:00 PM