Another Fabulous Invitation Another Fabulous Invitation

I am so excited I just received the Invitation to Rogers Garden Christmas event Always one of my Favorites This is a picture of a Christmas...

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4:00 PM

White Enamelware Buckets White Enamelware Buckets

These Two White Enamelware buckets are a favorite find. I use them almost daily for laundry, storage, and even as a vase for flowers. I lov...

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6:02 PM

Gorgeous Weekend Gorgeous Weekend

Amazing Weekend Gorgeous Weather Hope you had a chance to enjoy all the Lord's beauty around you Blessings Pam

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7:55 PM

Magnolia Creek & Co Atelier Magnolia Creek & Co Atelier

Meet Talented Robyn and her beau Ander's They are so adorable ( check out Robyn's wellies). Robyn has a new store in Valley Center....

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7:50 PM

*Living with Vintage Treasures* *Living with Vintage Treasures*

The little Punch Bowl on the left is a new addition. When I found it I knew it would look great next to the large punch bowl on the buffet ...

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3:51 PM

Ballet Slippers and a French Wire Basket Ballet Slippers and a French Wire Basket

We were in beautiful Santa Barbara last weekend. It was gorgeous weather and very fun shopping too. I love the garage sales there. I always...

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5:50 PM

*Fall Decorating with Treasures* *Fall Decorating with Treasures*

Started Decorating for Fall ....... Don't you just love these Vintage Binoculars I found them at a Flea Market in Martha's Vineyard...

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9:01 AM

*Romantic Decorating* *Romantic Decorating*

Hi All, Thank you for your wonderful comments, You are all so much FUN Are you a *Romantic* at Heart ? I am a born Romantic . Love ...

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10:39 AM

Is it Wednesday Already? Is it Wednesday Already?

Who's That little Girl? It's me with my Grandmother Margaret and My Mom Elizabeth. I am obviously excited about my new purse and vel...

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7:11 PM

*A little Shopping........ *A little Shopping........

Hi Friends... I found the cutest little gift. These band aids that say Keep Calm and Carry on... *Fabulous* and the red tin is oh so cute......

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8:29 AM

* Loves Fresh Lemon* * Loves Fresh Lemon*

I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful weekend.I want to thank wonderful Laura at 52Flea for posting about my interview with her on her blog...

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9:52 AM

**A Fabulous Visit with Laura at 52 FLEA** **A Fabulous Visit with Laura at 52 FLEA**

Welcome Laura ...

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7:19 PM

***Silver Sparkle Crown*** ***Silver Sparkle Crown***

This is the Crown I wore when I was Queen for a day, I was Crowned Homecoming Queen. It was so much fun and a long time ago, but the memor...

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11:05 AM

*White Front Door* *White Front Door*

Many of you have been asking me if I was brave enough to paint my Front Door RED and the answer is....... No I really Love my White Front Do...

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3:41 PM