Easy DIY Advent Calender Easy DIY Advent Calender

Hi Everyone Happy Thursday It's December 1 and time to start the countdown to Christ mas ♥  This morning after my weekly run to Trader ...

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5:24 PM

White Christmas White Christmas

Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday Christ mas Decorating   at White Ironstone Cottage ♥   has officially begun its looking very clean , simple a...

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10:15 AM

Decorating tips for Christmas Decorating tips for Christmas

 Hi Everyone Happy Monday here are the rest of the *Top 10 Decorating tips for Christ mas * {6-10} Tip # 6 *Decorate in Unexpected places* ...

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6:56 AM

Top 10  Decorating Tips for Christmas Top 10 Decorating Tips for Christmas

 Hi Everyone Happy Saturday I am  so excited to share with you my *Top 10 Christ mas decorating tips* ♥ Tip #1 *Look before you buy* Look a...

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5:02 PM

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday This morning we will set the table for our Thanksgiving dinner Because the weatherman says it is going to rain h...

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9:33 AM

Blessed Blessed

Hi Everyone Happy Tuesday Today I heard on the radio that a local family is  camping out tonight until Thursday night at midnight in front ...

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10:51 AM

Grateful Grateful

Hi Everyone Happy Monday We will be blessed to have a full house this ~Thanksgiving~ with guests even staying in our tiny guest cottage So ...

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10:50 AM

Prairie Style  Wedding Prairie Style Wedding

Hi Everyone Happy Saturday Being the romantic that I am I could not wait to see Lauren Bush's  amazing Prairie Style wedding dress it ...

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10:51 AM

Holiday Time Holiday Time

 Hi Everyone Happy Friday   Life starts to get really busy now  during the holiday season I always try to remember to carve out a little t...

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4:49 PM