Texas Treasure Hunting Texas Treasure Hunting

Hi Everyone Happy Friday I have been in Texas visiting my daughter and everyone here is talking about Rachel Ashwell's new Prairie ...

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8:45 PM

The  Little White Dress The Little White Dress

Hi Everyone Happy Thursday I know you are thinking I got this wrong.. its suppose to be the little black dress that everyone wants NOT ME...

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6:46 PM

Vintage White DIY Vintage White DIY

Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday Here is a cute little DIY project I found this white vintage chippy hinge and knew there was something I could ...

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8:31 AM

A Breath of Heaven A Breath of Heaven

Hi Everyone Happy Tuesday Have you heard of this beautiful plant it is called Breath of Heaven ♥ { Love } the little pink flowers Don'...

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9:34 AM

Vintage Garden Reflections Vintage Garden Reflections

Hi Everyone Happy Monday This lovely white vintage chippy window is in the front yard garden {Love} the beautiful arched design I bought th...

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6:31 PM

Vintage Kitchen Jars Vintage Kitchen Jars

Hi Everyone Happy Saturday ♥ Many of you have asked me about the {vintage glass jars } that are in my kitchen cabinet These jars are my fa...

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7:25 PM

Vintage Enamelware Vintage Enamelware

Hi Everyone I am so grateful that you all like testing your treasure hunting skills with me Are you ready to try again? Here are two littl...

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8:32 AM

Vintage White Kitchen Vintage White Kitchen

Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday {love} my white stove but it used to drive me crazy that I was facing a white tile wall when I was cooking I co...

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8:47 AM

Treasure Hunting tip #1 Treasure Hunting tip #1

Hi Everyone This is a little vintage wicker table that I found a few months ago while shopping with a wonderful friend The minute I saw it ...

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9:05 AM

God's Romantic  Plan God's Romantic Plan

Hi Everyone {Happy Valentines Day} I am linking up with My Desert Cottage to share the short version of our Love story ♥ I marvel at how g...

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4:57 PM

Valentine Garden Romance Valentine Garden Romance

Hi Everyone {Love} is in the garden this morning ♥ The camellias are blooming and they keep finding their way into the birdbath in the front...

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9:24 AM

Vintage White Doorstop Vintage White Doorstop

Hi Everyone Happy Friday Are you ready to test your treasure hunting skills again? ♥ Can't wait to see how you do this time One of thes...

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8:47 AM