Happy White Wednesday Happy White Wednesday

I Love Family Traditions and This is one of my favorites. This little White Bible. My Mom carried this White Bible when she married my Dad.I...

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10:53 AM

She is the Star She is the Star

I guess you could say that this chandelier in our dining room is on center stage, She is the star and she knows it.When I bought her I was...

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7:45 AM

Pastels and Whites Giveaway Pastels and Whites Giveaway

This is my new favorite blog. I Love her header with the ballet slippers and the white flowers. It is called Pastels and Whites. Simply gorg...

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10:58 AM

French Mustard Jar French Mustard Jar

This is one of the little treasures I bought in Texas last week.I decided to limit my purchases to things I could bring home with me on the ...

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8:17 AM

Hydrangeas and Coffee Hydrangeas and Coffee

I can't keep a secret ..... I was at the Nursery today buying some flowers for my garden when I overheard someone asking if coffee grou...

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4:02 PM

Happy 16 Birthday Happy 16 Birthday

Today is our Sons 16th Birthday It is time to celebrate. Here is Jackson playing baseball at Petco Park with his High School Varsity Basebal...

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9:06 AM

National Lemonade Day August 20th National Lemonade Day August 20th

Did you know that August 20th is National Lemonade Day? How do I know this little known fact do you ask? Well...... When I was in Catalina ...

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8:52 AM

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Husband

It is my Husbands Birthday . Here are some pictures of us in Catalina celebrating. Can't wait to continue the celebration this weekend t...

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8:21 PM

Happy White Wednesday Happy White Wednesday

I love my White Front Door but look at this..... I have this Picture on my bulletin board of ideas and I really like this RED front door. S...

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8:57 PM