Slice of Happiness Slice of Happiness

  Hi Everyone  Happy Saturday ♥ A Slice of Happiness and a Happily Ever After We found the sweetest bridal shower gift at Wisteria in Dalla...

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8:35 AM

Vintage Wood Handles Vintage Wood Handles

Hi Everyone  Happy Wednesday ♥   When Shopping for vintage treasures  there are a few things that I always look for {Love} to find anything...

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11:18 AM

Care of Vintage White Ironstone Care of Vintage White Ironstone

Hi Everyone Happy Monday ♥ Many of you have asked how to care for   ~Vintage White Ironstone~ My first tip is NO No No never put Vintage ...

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10:58 AM

Decorating with Vintage Decorating with Vintage

Hi Everyone  Happy Friday ♥ Decorating with vintage treasures  means  re-purposing , recycling and using things in a unique way This ador...

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6:01 PM

Guest Cottage and a winner Guest Cottage and a winner

 Hi Everyone  Happy Thursday ♥ We have friends   staying in our guest cottage Even though it is small it is filled with {Love} The extra l...

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9:33 PM

Driftwood Heart Driftwood Heart

  Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday and  Happy First day of summer  !!! Did you know that today is the longest day of the year The summer solstic...

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10:41 AM

A Summer Day A Summer Day

Hi Everyone  Happy Tuesday Today's gathering of freshly cut flowers  from the garden  {Love} the hint of pink from the cabbage roses  a...

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11:45 AM

Beautiful Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas Beautiful Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Here are the sample pictures of small beautiful bedroom interior designs for kids and girl or children. This home design pictures can give...

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8:56 AM

Vintage Charm Vintage Charm

Hi Everyone  Happy Monday The clock is ticking...... There is still time for you to enter  the vintage tin heart giveaway ending June 20   ...

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1:05 PM

Vintage Cake Stands Vintage Cake Stands

 Hi Everyone  Happy Friday ♥ Vintage Cake stands seem  to be everywhere in  our Home  They are on shelves and  counter tops even stacked ...

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5:47 PM