Kitchen Chalkboard Kitchen Chalkboard

Hi Everyone Happy Tuesday {Love}  kitchens with chalkboards they always make my heart skip a beat notice the color of the chalkboard in this...

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9:39 AM

Pain Francais Pain Francais

Hi Everyone Happy Monday {Love} French bread ♥ I have been enjoying making  fresh homemade  bread with our new Kitchen-aid stand mixer  ~Sh...

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6:38 PM

Valentine Gift ideas Valentine Gift ideas

Hi Everyone Happy Saturday Many of you have asked me where to find the  {Love} pillow cases that I ordered a few months ago for our Anniver...

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9:29 AM

Crown Centerpiece Crown Centerpiece

Hi Everyone Happy Friday This crown was the perfect centerpiece for our table  with just a few pink roses tucked inside it looked   sweet ...

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6:11 PM

Porcelain door knobs Porcelain door knobs

 Hi Everyone Happy Wednesday  These vintage white door knobs are different sizes The smaller set on the right is just a bit smaller than th...

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5:15 PM

Not so Lazy Susan Not so Lazy Susan

Hi Everyone Happy Tuesday {Love}   our  carrera marble ~Lazy Susans~ ♥ ♥ This large one sitting on our kitchen counter usually holds a larg...

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5:48 PM

Valentine Hearts ♥ Valentine Hearts ♥

Hi Everyone Happy Monday Its always so fun to see the Valentines candy appear  ♥ Do You like candy conversation hearts ♥ I like them but ...

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5:52 PM

Color of Love Color of Love

 Hi Everyone Happy Saturday If you had to describe  {Love} as a color what color would it be ♥ Red for a fiery passion Blue for a calm af...

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4:35 PM