What a great way to decorate your kitchen if you enjoy entertaining and want your guests to feel at home! Country kitchens are made of shared memories. This style of kitchen does not have to be expensive nor does it have to require a lot of work.

· Start with earth tone paint colors, especially for the walls. Dare to add other colors to your country kitchen such as shades of pink, red, green, and blue. Sprinkle in some black and white with a touch of grays in your accent pieces. Look for patterned wallpaper that carries a country print. Finish off the room with solid prints.

· A natural wood floor would really complete any country kitchen but a good runner up is laminate flooring. If you are on a budget and already have another kind of floor then braided rugs are great! Accent with flagstone and tiles. Adding a theme of roosters or sunflowers brings a great country touch. Line the backside of your counter tops with country accents that you can pick up at any flea market or garage sale.

· Look at neat storage ideas such as corner cabinets made out of wood or a hutch. A wooden baker's cabinet is a nice touch if you have the extra room. Wood cupboards that have open glass doors are a fantastic way to display your love of country. On the cheap you can find some antique looking rustic baskets of different sizes which is a great way to store a lot of smaller items. You might be surprised at how many really trendy items you can score from just one quick trip to the flea market.

· Furniture is key in a country kitchen and only certain items are going to work. It is best to pick from wicker or natural wood. Ideally, you want to get something that looks worn out when putting it in a country kitchen, again, this can be done quite easily and affordably at second hand stores or flea markets. If you just want to stay with what you have then make or buy some country style slip covers with a country print. Situate a rocking chair or an old bench in a corner for an added finish.

· Decorate with things that you may already have, especially if you start looking in your attic. Look for old fashioned bowls and odd pottery. Old quilts are a big score and can really make any country kitchen complete. The great things about country kitchens is that the items do not necessarily have to match or even be perfect. The best stuff is things that you have collected through the years.

· Country kitchens should be kind of busy, especially on the walls. It is perfectly acceptable to hang family photos in wooden frames in your kitchen. Cover your windows in curtains that are lacy and made of a silky fabric. A fruit basket in the center of the table will go a long way. Every country kitchen should have a bouquet of blooming flowers displayed as part of the interior home decoration.

The country kitchen is a pleasant and very distinct style. It has a lot to offer with some nice added pizazz that can be done fairly quickly.