Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
Vintage enamelware
is a great treasure to find no matter where you find it
 but finding  a few enamelware pieces in Paris
was a dream come true

Have you noticed that enamelware
 never seems to go out of style

Being a fan and collecting enamelware for ages
 it is placed all through out our home

From our kitchen as well as in our garden
 and all around our house

You all know that 
we really do
everything in our home or  it gets donated

The great thing about vintage enamelware is
 it is so sturdy and functional
 it only gets better with use and age

Vintage enamelware is a beautiful way to add
vintage charm to any space in your home

This fabulous vintage enamelware bucket and funnel
 are sitting in two large vintage white ironstone bowls 
in the front entrance to our home
the  enamelware bucket will soon be filled with candy
for Halloween
We don't buy any candy
 until the 31st
that way we are not tempted
 to eat it
I used to try and hide it but that never worked
someone always found it!!!

romantic saying for today

"Your Kisses are a better fate than wisdom"
E.E. Cummings