Backsplashes have become one of the visual points for many modern hearts of homes. Having become not only items of practical use but agents of charm and appeal homeowners are finding more and more ways to get creative in achieving their visions of a functional and at the same time, beautiful kitchen. If you are planning on a good sprucing for your New York home through kitchen backsplashes, it is crucial that you explore your options before deciding on one whether you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, or Queens.

With this evolution in function came the progression of kitchen backsplashes when it comes to variety. From being automatically matched with countertops, they now come in a very wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and patterns that make up for options that allows just anyone to get as creative as they can. Whether you choose to do your shopping online or locally, you'll find a great array of collection to choose from. To start on the selection, here are three of the most common materials and their pros and cons.

Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles

By far, ceramic or porcelain tiles can be said to be the traditional choice that remains to be the most popular when it comes to kitchen backsplashes. When it comes to designs, the possibilities are limitless and you can pursue any pattern or style that you desire from the simplest set of solid colored tiles to the fanciest hand-painted tiles. This option comes in a wide range when it comes to cost but is generally cheaper than other materials making them all the more appealing to homeowners. Other than this economic advantage, they also make up for a hygienic and low maintenance choice. But though the material is completely stain and water resistant, the grout can pose problems such as molds and bacteria. To avoid having to face such problems, ensure that the grout is sealed properly.


This type of kitchen backsplashes is a splendid choice for adding an exquisite and characteristic charm to your kitchen. This comes in various colors and forms ranging from mosaic tiles, glass cubes, and single glass sheets; which can further be beautified by painting or etching. They are also easy to clean and complement well with the most popular countertop materials from porcelain to granite. The material and installation of this type of kitchen backsplashes however, would cost you more.

Natural Stone

This selection of kitchen backsplashes offers an unmatched appeal with their inherent makeup that is both durable and uniquely beautiful. This comes in slabs or its cheaper alternative, natural stone tiles. The great thing about this choice is their strength that can last them years and years of fruitful use, gracing your kitchens in the longest possible time. Natural stone kitchen backsplashes offers a delightful array of colors, grains, and patterns that would surely heighten the overall appeal of the area. This choice though, does not come cheap but will definitely boost the value of your home.