Many people have experienced a feeling of dread when opening their pots and pan cupboard. Often pots and pans are crammed into an area and it becomes very difficult and impractical to find the specific pot or pan you are in search of.

Additionally, if you have invested in an attractive set of cookware, you may not want to tuck them away behind closed doors. Why not put them on display? Pot racks are a simple and attractive organizational solution in the kitchen. However, before you purchase one, there are some things you need to consider.

First, consider the space of your kitchen. Can it accommodate a large pot rack? Considering your space, try to find pot racks that are complimentary to the scope of the kitchen itself. A small pot rack in an oversized kitchen may look overwhelming and out of place. Therefore, you should stick to smaller pot racks that would be more suitable if you have a small kitchen. Not only can it be awkward looking, but also awkward to cook around, as small kitchens are already cramped enough to work in, without massive pot racks making things worse.

The good news is that pot racks are available in small, medium, or large sizes that are appropriate for any size of kitchen.

You will also have to consider where in the kitchen you will place your pot rack. Some pot racks can be mounted from the ceiling, while others can be hung on the wall. Do you have room for a ceiling mounted pot rack? Do you have the wall area for hanging one up?

Part of determining the size of your pot racks is also figuring out where you will place them once you bring them home. As you size this up, remember, typically, you would want to locate the pot racks in close proximity to your cooking area, so consider that available space before you purchase one.

An additional consideration is placing the pot rack where it can be properly supported - you do not want it to fall off the ceiling or off the wall, potentially injuring someone or damaging the finishes to the ceiling or wall.

Of course, pot racks are a display of your collection. Before you purchase one, you will have to consider the number of pieces in your pots and pans collection. Will you be using the pot racks for all of them? Or just the ones that you use on a regular basis? You don't wan to purchase large pot racks to display only a select few pieces. It will look like you are lacking cookware. Consequently, you don't want to underestimate the size of pot racks and end up having not enough room for all of your pots and pans and making them look crowded and cluttered.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right sized pot racks for your kitchen. Take the time, do your homework and you will be pleased when you finally bring home the right one to enjoy.