Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

One of the 
 vintage treasures
 that I am always on the look out for 
{White Ironstone}
vintage shaving mirrors

While we were in Telluride 
 last week 
we took a drive down
 to Montrose 
There are quite a few
 antique shops there 
and we had a few minutes
 to take a peek

Handsome husband still uses 
one of these  vintage mirrors when he shaves
 it works great because it has a stand on the back
  that can also be used as a hanger

Vintage shaving mirrors have become very popular
 so the prices have gone way up selling for as much as $75 or more
 The first vintage shaving mirror we found was
at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena we paid $5 dollars for it
 that was 22 years ago
this ruffled edge mirror was a real bargain at only $16 dollars 

The best part about collecting
 vintage shaving mirrors
 is that they are small and can fit in a already 
over stuffed suitcase 
or in a carry on bag

We have several vintage shaving mirrors and they all can be found 
 reflecting something beautiful
 in our Home
usually pretty flowers from our garden
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Is there a vintage treasure that you are always on the look out for too

romantic saying for today

"Now that we are one my life has truly begun"