Are you looking for something different? A range of tile designs that will definitely get noticed and get people talking? Then look at this fab Pop Art Tile collection for some great interior design ideas. Funky seventies style gets a modern twist with a range of 6 tile collections, comprising field tiles, half tiles and two modern mouldings.

Each tile collection is available in ten bright gloss palette of colours; perfect for mixing and matching and building bold effects. Colours available: Brilliant White, Apple Zing, Blue Lagoon, Jet Black, Lime Zest, Sherbet Lemon, Tequila Tango, Red Passion, Carnival Pink and Psychedelic Purple. They as large single blocks of colour or as stripes of contrasting colours to create a strong modern style.

Field Tiles Collection

Perfectly smooth and glossy tiles in a variety of sizes. Perfect for creating stunning effects. Use contrasting colours in large blocks of colour on whole walls or create custom shapes and patterns. Why stick with boring neutral colours when you have all the colours of the Pop Art rainbow to choose from!

Crocotile Collection

Adopt the latest fashion of brightly coloured crocodile-texture effect for handbags, shoes - and now walls too! The croc skin pattern is created from using a reactive glaze process and begs to be touched. This collection would bring high-street fashion and a touch of chic to a home or business.

Funkadelic Collection

The real beauty of Funkadelic is revealed when the circle relief pattern can repeat itself across an expanse of wall. The large range of colours available hark back to the seventies. Particularly evocative of the 70s vibe are Psychedelic Purple and Tequila Tango colours.

Groovy Stripe Collection

This stripe looks fab used both horizontally and vertically adding an extra dimension to blocks of Pop Art colour. This collection is truly versatile and would look at home in any situation; fitting in with any modern or minimalist decor.

Reptile Collection

Like all of the Pop Art designs, Reptile finds itself very much at home in a funky bar or cafe. The textured surface of this range looks good used in blocks of contrasting colour, creating a focus point on your bathroom or kitchen walls.

Vertex Collection

Whichever way you look at it, the pattern within Vertex is an optical illusion, which draws the eye into its depth and adds interest to any room design. Try creating a chequer-board effect with contrasting black and white tiles - it will look stunning! Other designs could include random patterns or borders.

These Pop Art Tiles are perfect in both residential and commercial settings, from bathrooms and kitchens to bars and caf├ęs. Dare to be different with these modern and stylish wall tiles. View an online gallery for inspiration and ideas. Go on... let your creativity loose!