People collect all sorts of things. People have hobbies of collecting things, like baseball cards, or antique furniture. These collectibles can grow not only in monetary value, but in quantity and in importance to you. Collectibles are usually very well maintained, and usually displayed in some way for others to see. If you have a classic coin or baseball card, chances are you aren't going to display it in a beat up, worn looking display case. As your collectibles grow and their value increases, it's important to find a display case that will be as memorable as the collectibles inside it.

Baseball cards, have long been a collectible item. Almost every young boy starts a collection of sport cards, most often, baseball. It started off by getting cards when you purchased gum, and then it just grew from there. The first baseball cards are thought to be from 1868, when a sporting good store started using the cards as a promotional vehicle for their products. In the late 1800's tobacco companies were using the outlet for promotional purposes for themselves as well. The card had a baseball player image on a card in the tobacco case, which also helped protect the cigarettes from damage. As the sport of baseball spread, so did the idea of baseball cards. Today's, modern baseball cards came to be around 1952 when Topps bought the previous major distributor, Bowman. Today, baseball cards are a highly valued collectable, and recently there was a Honus Wagner card that sold for $2.3 million. It is believed to be the highest price ever paid for a collectable baseball card. As you can imagine, these cards are not just put in a drawer with the other toys.

The same goes for anything valuable, you don't leave an antique car on the side of a busy road, or shove antique china under the stove. If something's important to you, like your grandmother's china that was passed down to you, you want to display it on beautiful dining room tables, kitchen hutches, or a display case. Each collectable piece should coordinate with the furniture it's being kept in. You need to have quality and well made pieces of furniture to display your work, that will also match the motif of your home. Keep in mind the importance of your collection when picking out the right piece of buffet furniture to hold it in.