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 Happy Friday

Recently I have received several questions
 about vintage white ironstone
there are many misconceptions and untruths about
 White Ironstone

  Did you know that white ironstone
is not made of porcelain
it is actually a glazed earthenware clay

The glaze is what gives the white ironstone
 its beautiful lustre and shine and helps to identify it
as white ironstone

 Did you know that cleaning white ironstone is really simple
just use a mild dish soap and warm water
 Please Do Not
 use a bleach or a product that contains bleach
 this will remove the glaze 
Please do not put it in your dishwasher
 the water gets too hot and will also stripe the glaze
For tough stains you can use a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and water
 let it soak overnight
this is useful if you leave flowers in a vase too long
in addition you can use toothpaste to scrub tough stains

This is a brand new pitcher from Williams and Sonoma
can you see the difference in color
there is a subtle yellow tint
 This is not white ironstone

Another misconception is that all white ironstone
 has a hallmark on the bottom

The truth is the hallmark can slowly be removed
especially if you wash the ironstone with bleach
and unfortunately there are fake reproductions
 with the hallmark coming out of china now

Crazing is actually small tiny cracks in the white ironstone
some do not like crazing some do
 I personally
 all white ironstone

From chamber pots to pitchers, tureens,
 and plates and so much more
White Ironstone
 is  an affordable and timeless
treasure to collect

The best part about
 White Ironstone
besides its elegant beauty is
 White Ironstone really does go
with every decor and if you take good care of your
 white ironstone
 you can pass it down from generation to generation

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