Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
This is one of my favorite vintage treasures
 not just because it is French enamelware 
or because it is white
 or even because of it's timeless shape and beauty

The reason this is one of my favorite vintage treasures
 is because of the memories
 that are attached 

Handsome Husband found this French enamelware pitcher for me
at a outdoor flea market in Paris
 he even negotiated for it like a pro 
I  walked by and spotted the pitcher
and mentioned that I thought it was really pretty
he snuck back and bought it for me !!!
 I wish I had a picture of the smile on his face
 when he walked up with the pitcher in his hands

The vintage pitcher is wonderful 
but the memory of his smile is priceless
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romantic saying for today

"Express your Love at every chance"