Hi Everyone 
Happy Thursday
Do you 
 the style of your home
Recently I was asked
what the style of our home is...
The first thing that popped into my head was
" romantic vintage"

Style is personal
 that is what makes
{at least for me}
looking at other peoples homes so much fun

Do you feel the same way 

 to see where someone places flowers 
in their home
 and what they use for the vase
What furniture they like and even the color of the walls

You all know that most of the flowers in our home
 are placed in......

a Vintage White Ironstone pitcher

Even in this peaceful corner of our bedroom
on a pretty vintage white wicker table

 Romantic Vintage Style

What do you call the
 style of
your Home

I am so grateful to Debra at Common Ground
 for highlighting 
White Ironstone Cottage
if you haven't met Debra yet you are in for a treat
you can go visit her by clicking

romantic saying for today

"I have learned that to be with the one I Love is enough"