Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
January is always such a peaceful month 
after all the hustle bustle and craziness of the last few months of the year
filled with parties and family entertaining
it feels like the house sighs with delight at the peace and quiet

to really look at our home in January 
to re-access 
even move things around from room to room
Do you do this too

Change is part of our lives 
it feels good to mix things up
 start fresh and try something new 

The best part about change is we can
 look with a new eye and a sense of wonder
it can inspire us just like nature 

Our mantel  this beautiful sunny morning
in January with a favorite vase
 filled with flowers from our garden 
 and simply surrounded by curly flowing branches

linking for Wow us Wednesday

romantic saying for today

"Only you have the capacity to fill my heart with such joy and wonder"