Vintage salt and pepper shakers are a very popular item with collectors today. They are a great choice for someone just starting out in collecting who has an interest in kitchen collectibles. The monetary value of each collection will vary depending on the pieces included, but many people see the true value of the collection in the sentimental attachment they bring to their pasts.

One of the great things about choosing this area of collecting is that there is such a huge variety of items to choose from when you begin to build your collection. Salt and pepper shakers are commonly used every day in many homes, so individual pieces or entire collections can easily be worked into a decorative kitchen motif. The themes available for people to choose from stretch across many areas of life. Over the years shakers have been created to commemorate almost anything that one can think of as an area of interest.

Many people carry strong memories with them related to the kitchen they grew up with as a child. Often times, salt and pepper shakers are a part of that vivid memory if someone in their home had a collection. As such, they are often the collectible of choice for people looking to build a kitchen related collection as well as maintain connections to happy childhood days. Smells, tastes and sights all go together to build our memories. Many people with an interest in collectible shakers are carrying on a tradition started by an older relative. A fair share of the collections being built up today by people buying on sites like eBay are continuations of collections started long ago. They may or may not grow in the number of dollars that they are worth, but to a true collector, that is not the only factor to consider.