Come on, admit it. You'd love to have a new and improved kitchen but you're convinced you could never afford it, right? Remodeling your kitchen doesn't have to put you into long-term debt. By putting these tips into practice, you could have that kitchen remodel you've been dreaming of and still have money left over in the bank.

1. Don't be afraid to consult a professional. Their insider remodeling secrets could save you a bundle on your kitchen makeover. Advice from a cabinetry company can help you bring affordable elegance to your kitchen remodel.

2. Consider replacing your kitchen cabinets' hardware as opposed to the entire door. Today's hardware options include nickel, steel, copper, porcelain, wood and iron to suit a wide range of kitchen remodeling tastes. You'll be amazed at how big of a transformation this seemingly little strategy can make in your kitchen remodel project.

3. If your kitchen cabinets are sound but the doors have seen better days, refacing them is a much cheaper alternative to replacing them. Glass doors allow you to show off your kitchen collection while laminate doors (in a variety of colors) and wood doors (in a variety of type) give you that contemporary or rustic kitchen remodel look you're seeking.

4. Eliminate your kitchen clutter with affordable organizational items like pan drawers, lazy susans, cutlery dividers and pull out sink basis. Once everything is stored away inside these inexpensive accessories, your kitchen will look instantly refreshed, without spending a fortune on a complete remodel.

A remodeled and up-to-date kitchen provides one of the highest returns on investment in home improvement. These simple and inexpensive remodeling tips will help you not only enjoy your kitchen more, but will also bring you a higher dollar value when you sell your home.