Kitchen decorating themes abound on Home Improvement Shows and magazines and these are great places to start when wanting to create a new theme for your kitchen.

If you see a theme that you particularly like in a magazine, tear out the pictures and create a special folder or file for the kitchen theme you want. Then as you keep doing your research for your particular theme, you just add it to your folder. Fabric swatches, paint strip and wallpaper samples can all be put into this one folder.

With so many kitchen decorating themes to choose from you're best to actually pick a theme and stick to the basic colors and designs of that theme. If you choose bits and pieces of different themes you like, you could end up with a mishmash of different styles and your kitchen will not have a cohesive look to it.

The usual place most people start their kitchen decorating themes with are the walls. Take the pictures you've got from magazines to your local paint and wallpaper store and try to match up the colors with the samples that are provided there. Some paint manufacturers even provide little sample pots of paint you can take home and try out on your kitchen walls to see how they look in the light of your kitchen.

Once you've got the walls taken care of, you need to go shopping for the kitchen window treatments you want to reproduce from the pictures you've collected in your folder.

As for the kitchen cabinets, without having to have a complete fix-out of the kitchen, can they be re-painted or stained or varnished to look like the ones in your folder? It's amazing what can be achieved with some paint or stain, and some new drawer and door handles.

It's also the little decorative touches that are put into those kitchen decorating themes you find in magazines that add the final touch to the kitchen. You may be able to pick up different pieces to complete your look from department stores.