Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday 

Our Fall mantel is  
is completely different from years passed

Yes... those are  our daughters
riding boots on the mantel
 a white pumpkin is decorated 
with two pink roses 
a few vintage chimney brushes
are tucked here and there

The riding boots helped to create a pretty frame 
around the little white pumpkin
a candle is lite creating a pretty romantic glow

the way the riding boots add height  
and warmth as well as a touch of the unexpected

Our sweet neighbor Laura dropped by and 
asked me  where the idea for the boots on the mantel came from I had to admit
it was a complete accident 
while cleaning the house the boots got placed on the mantel
that sparked the idea 

The little farmers market gourd 
with the leaf top
 looks right at Home 

It is fun to  
 decorate with the unexpected

romantic saying for today

"Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze"