Aesthetically speaking, kitchen cabinets can be dubbed as the crowning glory of the heart of your home. And their importance is not limited to enhancing Interior Design as they also play a crucial part in keeping things organized in the area thus promoting efficiency and productivity. When thinking of refinishing or replacing cabinetry, one of the major questions to tackle is whether to have painted or stained kitchen cabinets. And if this issue is what is boggling your mind right now, then read on to know the pros and cons of each cabinetry finish choice.

To start off, it is important to note why this article offers the finishing options to go painted or stained. Kitchen cabinets are exposed to the naturally intensive nature of a multi-functional environment that handles varying tasks from entertaining guests to messy food preparation and cooking. Thus it is very important to have a protective coating over the wood, which can buckle and warp with too much water or moisture. This is another important function of cabinetry finish-to protect cabinet surface while creating a more appealing look and feel to kitchens.

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to painted kitchen cabinets, one of the great advantages that really shine out is the limitless choice you have when it comes to colors. This makes this cabinetry finish a versatile option to take. Whatever color or combination of colors you have in mind, painting can surely accommodate. So you can get the perfect looking cabinet collection to complement with your current scheme, and the rest of the decor.

Painting cabinet pieces allow you to achieve a more uniform look which creates an interesting character to the room, reflecting the stylish preference of homeowners. Because the wood material is totally concealed, variation in the look caused by the wood is minimized. This also helps avoid problems with wood discolorations. With painted kitchen cabinets, you can choose to have a solid color for all cabinet collection or get playful with a beautiful combination of colors for your cabinetry finish to brandish themes such as the gold and fiery reds of autumn, organic, neutral or festive, depending on whatever idea you have in mind.

Stained Kitchen Cabinets

Stained kitchen cabinets are the staple to high-end homes of the yesteryears. This luxurious touch makes them so appealing to homeowners today. This cabinetry finish allows for a more lavish look that makes your cabinet collection seem grandiose, for a fraction of the cost. With all-wood RTA cabinetry you can realize the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank.

There are many options to choose from for this cabinetry finish. Stained kitchen cabinets come in various colors to highlight the exquisite grains of the wood material of your choice. Whether it is the smooth elegance of maple, the exotic rich variation in patterns of oak, the dark beauty of maple that achieves a patina overtime, or other features of other popular hardwoods; you can enjoy all these with staining. And if in time you decide to change looks, painting over the stain would be so much easier.