If you have finally decided that you need to change your kitchen cabinetry, there are three things to consider before you take the next step; research, budget and plan. Whether it is choosing the material or the style that you would like to have, the process is both exhausting and overwhelming. This is mainly due to the fact that there are literally hundreds of wood type combinations, cabinet design and the finish for you to choose from.

Having said that, most homeowners know that kitchen cabinet remodeling is worth all the trouble. First, having new cabinets will change the look of your entire kitchen. Being at eye level ensures that your cabinets are the first things that people see and changing them obviously changes the entire look of your kitchen.

Second, a cabinet remodel project can actually add to the value of your home. And finally, if you do decide to invest in a custom cabinet job, then the rewards can be satisfying. Putting custom cabinets will not only make the best use of the space, but also have the ability to create a little niche within your kitchen for that spice rack that you have always wanted.

However, there are things to consider before you actually choose, budget and plan for your new kitchen cabinets:

- The layout of your kitchen - This will finally decide the wall space that you have for your cabinets. If you have a standard kitchen layout (U-shaped, L-shaped etc) and a limited budget, then semi-stock or stock cabinetry is indeed the best option for you. However, if cost is not a consideration and you have an odd shaped kitchen layout, then the best way to utilize your space would be to opt for custom built cabinets.

- Your cooking needs - Besides making a list of the kitchen basics such as refrigerator, oven, dish washer, toaster, coffee maker, rice cooker etc, decide on what you would like your kitchen to be able to do for you. Are you a coffee connoisseur and want a little niche within the kitchen to hold you collection of coffee beans? Or are you someone who just can't do without her spices? Make a list of all that you would like to hold within you cabinets and this will help you choose.

- Type of cabinets and material - Deciding upon the type and material of your cabinets takes the most time as there are endless options out there. Besides the budget, which obviously will determine what you choose there are other aspects that you need to keep in mind. As cost is directly proportional to durability, make sure that you invest accordingly. Cheaper cabinets may not be the best value for you money in the long run.

- Finish of your cabinet - The finish of your cabinet will ultimately determine what your kitchen looks like in the end. Before you have decided upon the finish, make sure that you do lots of research to discover your style. It is a good idea to keep a scrap book with pictures of what you would like your kitchen to look like. Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or eclectic, there are a variety of finishing materials out there to meet almost every need.

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