You've heard of the Post Office. How about the Compost Office? Composting has become a big part of the nation-wide recycling effort. Although many individuals and communities are engaged in composting efforts, there is still much more we can do to help affect change. In fact, approximately 12% of all municipally generated waste is comprised of food scraps. If we could make a larger, wide-scale effort to increase our compost programs, we could help to divert almost 32 million tons a year from our landfills in the United States alone. Composting at home has become more popular than ever before. However, expanding our composting efforts into the workplace is an important next step in our overall recycling achievements. Making sure that office compost programs are successful lies in the compost bins.

Since compost collection in the workplace can be a considered a somewhat "icky" business to some, it is important to use compost collection containers which help reduce odors and are designed to hide conveniently inside a cabinet. Kitchen compost collectors which have hooks on the back of the bin enable you to hang the compost bin on the inside door of a lunchroom cabinet. This keeps the compost collection bin in a convenient location, yet still out of the open. In addition, choosing a collection container which has a vented lid and activated charcoal filters further assist in making your compost collection a simple and non-obtrusive one.

By selecting a kitchen collection container which has a wide lid, it will be easier to accommodate dumping a plate of food scraps into your collection bin. Too narrow of an opening and you risk dumping food scraps on the counter or floor rather than into your bin.

A kitchen compost bin which has rounded corners makes it a lot easier to clean. Just think how much easier it is to clean a container which has rounded corners as opposed to tight, 90 degree corners. In addition, a kitchen collection bin which is dishwasher safe will make keeping your compost collection program a snap to maintain. By making it easy to maintain your compost program, you make it easier for the program to succeed with flying colors.

By choosing a kitchen compost bin with some of these key features, it is easier than ever to establish and keep up a compost collection program in your office, business or workplace. Get the best bins and get them working for you at your place of work today!