Happiness has no limits when his small bundle of joy is placed in her arms, and is in that instance that all parents undertakes to give their children the best of everything... here we will start with the baby's room, which is the first step towards giving the child an identity.
Unsaid words,
reveal more than what you can hear.
So read their minds,
to give them the best of everything!

It is possible to provide your child with facilities, style, comfort and safety. A few steps that will help you make your interiors of the House without the help of Interior designers have been listed below. Before you begin work on your child's bedroom, it is important to decide what effect would you like in the room. The factors that will help you make the right decision are your child's age, gender, location of the room and the space available. Information if the room will be shared by his only son or brothers are also important!

Kids bedroom interior design1
A touch of color
I am sure that all of us have always partnered with the girls of pink and blue with boys, because of this, bedrooms of children have always been one of the colors. Good! Times have changed and now the addition of bright colors such as red, yellow and green have entered the bedroom of the children. When you select the color, make sure that are water based, because that would make it easier to clean. Hear people you say... can I use the wallpaper? Yes, it is possible to combine the two in the same room to create a little magic of its own! There is another option also, which includes the use of finish plaster of imitation or use of cladding tiles in square and rectangular shapes.

Lead lights
As I've said before, the lights fascinate me because even simple lightweight parts can transmute a simple room into one that offers a broad right for his son to read and play. Use lights to add glamour, style and the drama. Floor lamps are beautiful and can be placed near the area of games. Add lights with dimmers so you can turn off the lights when the child falls asleep when reading to him / her. Lights in all shapes, colors, materials and sizes, so it is sure to find one that complements your son's room.

Kids bedroom interior design
Cover the floor
Safety must come first to take into account when choosing the floor of the room of his son, with this in mind flooring selection that is not slippery, devoid of friction and fine materials that are tested for allergies. Two ideal choices are wood floors and carpets. Select these materials after talking with friends who have made it to your child's bedroom or visit web sites.
Pieces of furniture
Essential pieces of furniture in a room of children are a bed, a cupboard, a shelf and a study table. Choose from a wide range of products available in the local furniture store or web sites. During the selection of the ideal piece ensure that material and color used in the parts are of good quality. Make sure that the furniture have also rounded edges. If you have a space limitation, select furniture that serves several purposes, makes use of curves and has storage.

Kids bedroom interior design1
Window to the room of your child
There is much you can do with the window in his son's room. You can use works of art to decorate your child's bedroom window. To do this, use templates that come in several forms. Not only this, also you can use shadows to bring new meaning to the room, start by obstructing the entry of light through the use of a grill of mild steel or a stained-glass painting. This wall can serve also as a focal point because the shadows on the wall will change with the direction and intensity of the sunlight. Curtains can also be used, after making sure that are of appropriate height.

From my experience as a designer of interiors often I have noticed that there is much that can be done with accessories. In reality, everytime you go shopping which is sure to find something new to include in the room (at least thats what I do). Once you have decided on the color of the room, furniture, lighting, Windows and furniture, treatment that is now ready to proceed to the next stage. I think that a good idea would be to have a large Board on the wall in which the child is able to show his / her works of art. Photos of their favorite characters, flags and maps also add another facet to the room in accordance with the rest of the decor. At the time of purchase sheets, pillows and cushions ensure that the material is very well. Can select