Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Now that October
is but a memory 
it is time to get ready for the busy wonderful  month of
This is the month we Vote 
We celebrate and Thank our Veterans for defending our country 
  and this Sunday it's time to 
set our clocks  back an hour for daylight savings time
This is the month  we celebrate  family , friends and delicious food 
Time to look at all the family recipes and start to plan for
Time to get all the
serving platters and dishes ready

It is also aTime of reflection

Time to find ways to give to others
 as well as receive 
Time to be grateful
 for all of 
God's Blessings
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Feathered Nest Friday

romantic saying for today

"What the heart gives away is never gone ...
It is kept in the hearts of others" 

Robin St John