A country that is influenced by different cultures and is located in a strategic position from the point of fusion of cultures of the world, Morocco is located in the northwestern part of Africa. Interior design specialty Moroccan style is that, has European, African and Persian influences. The warm climate of this country requires for an interior that is attractive and has a cosy appearance. Due to the dry atmosphere, Moroccan houses are pots of exotic plants such as one of the elements of Interior Design.
The main elements of Moroccan style design are carpets, tiles, dishes, pottery, textiles, lamps, metal works, etc the tissues used for Moroccan style design is rich in colors. There is an abundance of pillows, cushions in Moroccan style rooms.

Moroccan style lamps are different to those found in other countries. The specialty of these lights is that they are handmade by craftsmen. Henna lamps are so called due to the henna pattern printed on them. These lamps from Morocco are made of goatskin and laying in metal frames. A silk lace is used for hanging the lanterns.

Carpets and rugs have a long tradition in Morocco and its origins date back to the 13th century. There are generally two types of carpets, smaller ones, used for prayer and size carpets established in living rooms. These carpet design patterns are Islamic and Asian influences.

Moroccan style furniture is made mostly of wood. There are 1-2 sofas placed in the living room. The upper parts of these sofas are rectangular in shape. Boards have designs of mosaic tiles / about them. Copper or brass trays are used to contain food and beverages.

Mirrors are used in the decoration inside is framed with wood or metal. Cooking utensils are made of ceramic material. Bright colors of Moroccan style ceramics can be used as lamps or pots to serve.

The Moroccan Interior design ideas
The following design ideas could help in the process of Interior Design.

Colors to be chosen for Moroccan style design should reflect the natural environment in that country. The colors green and blue sea and yellow / gold of the desert can be used for interior decoration.
Walls and floors of texture terra cota are the important features of Moroccan style design. Along with these features, you can incorporate exotic plants in the interior of the House, gives you a tropical appearance to the House.
Awnings are also an important feature of the interiors of Moroccan style. These can be used more than dining and living area. Halls have more than tent "Bazaar" a kinda desert resort to them.

Modern Moroccan Interior design
The modern Moroccan decoration can incorporate those features that combine well with the lifestyle of today. The rich nuances of the upholstery, the elaborate works of wood can look good, even in a modern environment. The distinctive feature of the Moroccan furniture is that the design of the structure / furniture is very simple. However, the patterns of the illustrations / designs carved in them are intricate and beautiful in appearance. Therefore, without altering the setting, can give a unique look to furniture being installed.

Moroccan design around the world are becoming popular due to the variety of items in them. The bright colors of the different elements used in the design presented us opportunities for interior decoration. The information presented above, would be useful as a fundamental step in knowing more about the Moroccan style.