Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
There is a calm at our house
 it feels like the calm before the storm of fun
Cleaning and getting all our Thanksgiving dishes out
Prepping for family returning home and overnight guests for
Thanksgiving dinner 

This morning  the weather was chilly 
we made a fire to warm up the house
We have huge pine trees in our yard 
with fabulous pine cones 
to bring the outside inside

Sometimes we even put the pine cones in the fire 
they have the most fabulous fragrance 
and it's fun to hear the crackle too
Nature is so beautiful
 grabbed my camera to show you this pretty branch
 that was  just casually tossed on the chair

Our home will  soon be filled with family and friends
so grateful
This is the best part of the holiday being all  together 
with the people that you

the countdown has begun only 6 days until Thanksgiving!!!!!
are you ready

romantic saying for today
"Come live with me, and be my love"