If you are relaxed and they prefer things and the surrounding area that have an old world charm with them, if you like the colors and ethnic styles, if you prefer sturdy furniture, solid and accessories rather than something sleek and elegant, then Mexico interior design is the right choice for your home. Them exuberate a warm feeling, and have a very welcoming and attractive environment for them. With its colorful surroundings and bright, Mexican households can encourage anyone, when they return home after a long day. If you are planning to make your home and are thinking of this style, then here are some interesting and useful ideas that you can make use of.
Mexican design Interior style tips

Design Interior of Mexico1
Mexican furniture is very influenced by the Spanish, Chinese and Mayan culture and designs. The furniture is usually straight lined, with much ornamentation on it. Pine wood furniture should ideally be used. Otherwise, furniture of walnut and cherry looks just as good. Furniture elements, whether sofas or beds, must be very large and wide, almost similar to the rustic style furniture. From a Mexican look will be incomplete without a waste of colors, you can paint the edges of the elements of furniture with different colors such as red, orange and blue. Central tables or side tables, which have ceramic inlay on top, can be bursting of these furniture to give a shiny appearance to the room. When choosing the floor of the House, the ceramic or clay tiles gel very well with Mexican interiors. If you want a wooden floor, can go for hardwood flooring, which looks just as good in a Mexican home.

Design Interior of Mexico1
Mexican households are full of accessories. Therefore, places a lot of candles, picture frames, as well as mirrors in your home. Accessories made of metal, as well as wrought iron should be used. Tapestries woven by hand should be used to decorate the walls. You can put a lot of cultural things like tapestries or paintings with Mexican folk art, pottery with geometric patterns, as well as the Mexican colors woven baskets, in various places in the House. Traditional Mexican masks can be put on the walls to complete the look.

Color patterns
Although the choice of color patterns, to go in very bright colors. Blue, Garnet red, deep Greens, yellows, terracotta and roses, are the ideal choices. Paint the walls of the room in two bright colors, one for the bottom and one for the upper half, gives the Mexican House a very unique appearance.

Design Interior of Mexico1
Fabrics & upholstery
Wall to wall carpet should be avoided in Mexican households. But you can use a lot of rugs, especially those made of brightly colored, handmade, in all rooms of the House. Launch a series of colorful cushions on the sofas and beds is another way to achieve the perfect look. Although the choice of fabrics for curtains, go for natural materials such as cotton. The curtains should be layers and elegant, with lots of geometric designs or craft them. For upholstery, leather, which gives a ranch as look to the House can be used.

Mexican designs are vibrant and relaxing at the same time. His feast of colors energized environment and residents as none. Therefore, if you want a House that emanates warmth and romance at the same time, to be Mexican indoor without any delay.