Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
The Paper white bulbs in 
our front yard are already blooming
They have appeared so early this year that it took us all by surprise
usually they don't show up until
 after Thanksgiving 
 paperwhite flowers they have such a glorious
 fragrance for such a tiny flower and 
did you know you can get them to re~bloom 
Paperwhite bulbs will re~bloom 
if you force the bulbs
 in soil 
 not pebbles
they get their nutrients from the soil 
These bulbs are from last year after they bloomed 
we just tucked the bulbs in a paper bag 
and put them in the greenhouse for next year
  You can also replant them 
outside too
So don't throw your paper white bulbs away.....
reuse and re~bloom !!!!!
linking for Wow us Wednesday
romantic saying for today

"For stony limits cannot hold love out"