bathroom design, bathroom
Whether you are choosing to take a bathroom remodeling or just some elements of its space, these bathroom design tips will help you take your toilet of a utilitarian space to a beautiful oasis of relaxation.
Idea 1: Back to black
Black rooms get a bad reputation. They are often referred to as the dark and oppressive wisdom, and conventional racks which say that black makes the rooms look smaller. But, in fact, some of them very small indeed seems larger if becomes black paint on its walls. This makes dark tones a great choice for small powder rooms and other small spaces. Doing a total area larger in black it might not work, but try it in that small space.
In a broader context, dark tiling works very well. Dark granite added elegance and striking for shower / tub enclosures. With the right type of sufficient variety and texture surfaces, a black bathroom design can be very exceptional.
Idea 2: White Out 
White is so often criticized as black, but for different reasons. White is accused of being soft, and become filled with tremendous ease. While the second is something true, there is no easily counter that: tiles. Tiles white, especially of granite or marble, you can create a space extremely distinguished. It is an especially good idea when the space is small because the cost to tile will be relatively small, which allows the use of high quality materials for the remodeling of your bathroom without spending too much.
bathroom design, bathroom
Idea 3: All Natural
Materials such as teak and rattan are water resistant options that can make a big impact on the design of the bathroom. Teak is a popular for banks of the shower option, since it is resistant to rust, however, does not require both building and the construction of other types of banks. When used in combination, these different materials as a last resort, you can create a very attractive and natural aesthetics. Other good materials to blend in include glass and recycled items. 
Idea 4: Be Bold
An ornate or unusual bathroom remodeling can seem like a risk, but is generally great - and ends up being good return on your investment if you ever decide to sell. For example, many people are choosing technologically advanced options for new projects. At first, with an adjustable toilet or mirrors with heating may seem an unnecessary extravagance, but these are capturing into any trend. The same basic facts are valid for ornamental designs that are supported by columns or other decoration statements especially striking. A risk it may seem, but go well at the end.

Any of these ideas can help make your comfortable outside the sphere of common interest and extraordinary. But remember that these are only guidelines: If you are inspired to use them in a different way - for example, the creation of a space in black and white - that is a great idea.