Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
This morning I brought my camera
 as we took a walk
 in the garden to look for signs of Spring 
This vintage bench took a beating over the winter
we lost a few large trees  
and the bench was in the pathway 

It has such a fabulous vintage patina 
 we have decided to fix it and 
 of coarse the big decision will be whether we should repaint it or not

What do you think....

We planted sugar snap peas  
They were started from seed and transferring them 
 outside is always a little tense
 they can decide they are not happy going from the
 warmth of the greenhouse to the cold 
 they are doing great just look at their vibrant green leaves


 A peek at the inside of the greenhouse
Over the weekend 
Handsome Husband found a duck decoy 
we are hoping it will help keep the birds away from the baby peas

The big tree in the front yard still does not have any leaves
 but there are a few plants
 that know Spring is almost here

Just take a look at this gorgeous rose 

It was peeking out from the side of the greenhouse


Our kitty Latte is our garden supervisor 
she is so helpful
Thanks for joining in our garden walk this morning

So excited for Spring

romantic saying for today

“There isn't a time or place for true love. 
It  just happens in a heartbeat, in a 
single moment.