Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
This Sunday is St Patricks day 
Don't forget to wear green or you might get pinched !!!
This year I grew a clover plant  
I did not know clover had such adorable little white flowers too cute

 Clover leaves are such a beautiful vibrant green color
usually you find three leaf clovers but if you find a four leaf
 clover it is a symbol of
 faithhopelove and luck

Legend has it if you find a four leaf clover
 you will be lucky for life

If you give the one you
a four leaf clover you will be bonded together for Eternity

How romantic is that
  along with green beer, green bagels
who knew St Patricks day could be so romantic!!!!!

romantic saying for today

"My heart to you is given Oh do give yours to me 
We'll lock them up together and throw away the key"