Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
Yesterday was the official first
 day of Spring 
and that means time to start spring cleaning

We clean one cabinet at a time in our Kitchen
bringing everything out  dusting everything off
even finding things we did not know we had
A great time to make sure the treasures inside are not broken
and most of all that we really
 use or
everything we put back after cleaning
That is the fun part eliminating and making room for new treasures!!!!

Many of you have asked me about this
 vintage galvanized tub
in our kitchen
yes..... we really use it as our trash can 
It works great 
 It fits perfectly right under the vintage pine island and
is right by the sink for easy clean up

Also {Love}
 the fact that our puppy Finley cannot get into the barrel
or knock it over
so we do not have to worry
 about trash all over the kitchen

Are you ready for Spring Cleaning
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romantic saying for today

I will be your promise, your prayer and I will always be there