Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
What a wonderful time we had traveling through out 
the Midwest!!!
 NebraskaKansas, Iowa, Oklahoma and Texas
we met so many
 inspiring and talented people
found amazing antique shops and flea markets
 all I can say is........
Thank you all for showering
 this Southern California girl
with so much kindness

pic taken with my phone
 Traveling to new places seeing new sights and meeting new people
has been a fun adventure
 encountering the 17 degree weather and beautiful white snow in Nebraska and Iowa
the cold windy weather in Kansas and Oklahoma then the warmer
 and sunny 84 degree weather in Texas
 we have seen it all in just 2 weeks
 no matter where you travel or how much fun you are having
there really is no place like

 can you see our puppy in the window ready for us to be home too

pic taken with my phone
It is now time to begin the journey home with all of
 the great vintage treasures
we found
 can't wait to
 start listing new items for sale in the shop!!

Grateful for a great start to the wonderful month of March
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romantic saying for today

"I Love thee to the level of everyday's most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.. I Love thee with the breath, smiles, tears of all my Life"