Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
These beautiful hydrangeas
remind me so much of the
 miracle of God's promise 
Every January we literally chop our hydrangea bushes
 to the ground and every year I worry will they grow back.....
  They always do grow back
 more robust and beautiful then the year before
Such a testament to trusting in

At Easter I am reminded of the year
 we had our children photographed at Olan Mills
Our sweet daughter was wearing a vintage pink dress
 that I wore for Easter when I was her age
{My Mom saved everything}
and our son is of coarse pictured holding
 a Easter egg that he held like a baseball
The picture is adorable but the story behind this picture always touches my heart
Our daughter is such a loving soul and has always been very protective of her brother 
The photographers sat them down together next to the flowers
 and then brought in the bunnies for the shot
putting the bunnies on each of their laps
  our son got a bad bunny that just did not want to be photographed 
We were all trying to help assist and console when 
Our daughter without even being asked went and grabbed an Easter egg decoration
 and handed it to her brother
She then sat down in front of the seat to protect him from the bunny 
 so the photographer could get the shot....
 the smiles on their faces tell such a story
Wish I could remember why our son is not wearing shoes!!!

Picture at Olan Mills ....... $125
Outfit ......    $45

Picture and memory....

Wishing you and your families 
a Joy filled , peaceful and Blessed

romantic saying for today

"Love lets us see normal things in an extraordinary way"