Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Sometimes when you find a treasure you instantly 
know where it will go and how it will look
I knew just by looking that this little vase was 
 the perfect size for a single rose

Turns out this vase is one of my most favorite treasures
best part is the vase can move from room to room 
you can even hang it on a hook or  just sit it on a shelf

When we spotted it at a flea market
 my heart skipped a beat
{great memories of being with our beautiful daughter help to make it even more special}

Best $2 dollars 
ever spent 
cost less than a cup of Starbucks coffee

Proof that it is not the amount of money spent on a treasure
 that makes it special
Do you have a favorite treasure that was a screaming great deal
I would {love} to know what it is...
romantic saying for today

"Since love grows within you so beauty grows For love is the beauty of the soul"
St Augustine