Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Living with a grateful heart 
Over the weekend we were thrilled to be visiting dear friends in Santa Barbara
it was a glorious weekend
On our way back home 
{it is a 3 to 4 hour drive depending on traffic}
we stopped at the Orange County great park for the vintage flea market
held the first Sunday of every month
 You know you are near the park when you see 
the BIG
orange hot air balloon flying in the sky
It magically turned into the great flying pumpkin for Halloween
You can actually go up in the balloon for free 
and the view is beautiful
As you can imagine there were quite a few pumpkins on display 
 this pumpkin surrounded by crowns
 and vintage baskets
This tiny  desk caught my eye 
It was made with a 
 vintage chalk board top 
the best part was the legs folded up for storage
too cute
I liked the paper spooky 31 BOO
  sign too
I bought a dozen small vintage green school house 
  and we played with them all the way home in the car
Little works of art and heart
 I have the cutest idea using these chalkboards
can't wait to show you!!!!
hint... for our Thanksgiving table

romantic saying for today
"You are the future of my past the present of my always the forever of my now"