Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
When I spotted this vintage mail box 
it made me smile
 it brought back so many  wonderful memories 
of my handsome husband and I when we first met........
I was a flight attendant and gone all the time
 so we wrote
  each other love letters once a week it was so romantic
It was so fun to go to the mail box
{not as cute as this one}
and see if {hope} there was another letter from him

I Could not wait to hang 
 this vintage
treasure in our hallway
This morning when we came down the hall
 for our first cup of coffee
 look what I found

A love note on the mailbox
~Today is our 24 Wedding Anniversary~
What a fun way to start the day

 This is our engagement picture
 that we still
 write each other {Love } letters
we make each other laugh
we hold hands and have date nights once a week
Blessed and Grateful to be married to such a handsome wonderful man
who still makes my heart skip a beat

linking for Tuesdays Treasures

romantic saying for today

"From this day forward you shall not walk alone
 My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home"