Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
It is Time for Tea
 Now that the weather is cooler 
 it is fun to take time for a spot of tea
 here in the early afternoon
I found a yummy new tea at Trader Joe's that is delicious
Pumpkin Spice herbal blend
a good  herbal tea {no} caffeine
Rooibos is translated as red bush
 from the leaves the tea is made from
 it is known to be  full of antioxidants
I have to admit the adorable tin that the tea came in 
caught my eye...
but it was the sample taste that sold me 
it has a fabulous pumpkin spice aroma
 and it taste slightly sweet  so no added sugar is  needed
 Just a few sliced strawberries to nibble
on and we have tea for two 
in the afternoon
We had so much  fun sipping tea and talking 
time just  flew by 
before we knew it
it was almost time for dinner
And a little more tea......
I bought a few of the Pumpkin Spice tea's
to give as Teacher gifts too !!!!
Time goes by so fast sometimes
 it is important to slow down take care of yourself and enjoy the moment
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romantic saying for today

 "If music be the food of love, play on"