Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Do you polish your silver on a regular basis
I know Martha Stewart does...
  or are you like our family
we usually polish the silver just before a special occasion
This vintage heirloom piece
 has not been polished yet but it still looks pretty with it's tarnished patina
 it was my Grandmothers 
No one in the family can remember if or when she ever used this for jelly
or condiments
it was usually sitting on the dining room table filled with flowers
or  just like this filled with beautiful magnolia leaves
from the tree in her front yard

all the fabulous details
 look at the tiny little flowers around the feet 
and the elegant handle
 The pressed glass containers are very
 large and removable
 Family Heirlooms hold precious memories
  One of my favorites was watching my Mom and Grandmother with all of the Aunts and Cousins
 talking and laughing  together as they polished the silver before a family celebration
now when we polish the silver
 I am so grateful to be able to keep the family memories and traditions alive

romantic saying for today

“Journeys end in lovers meeting”