Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
It is that time of year again
Time to plant your paper white
bulbs and sweet peas too

Last year was really our first successful 
sweet pea season
it was difficult to find  just the right spot to grow sweet peas here
everyone kept giving me advice about seeds and water
 but what really made the difference was finding the perfect location
 it had to have just the right amount of sun and shade
 for the sweet peas to grow
Once the sweet peas started blooming
last year
we could go out and pick a bouquet every morning
such a fragrant, beautiful, delicate flower

The other thing I was doing wrong was planting too late 
I would plant the seeds in December and they really needed
 to be planted in 
October or early November
 To get bouquets like this
 in February
  Sweet peas come in such romantic colors 
they are one of my favorite flowers
Turns out they are easy to grow too
 once you find the right spot

 Sweet Pea tips
-sunny location
-water often
-plant in early fall
have fun
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romantic saying for today

“The Very first moment I beheld him, my heart was irrevocably gone.”
Jane Austen