Hi Everyone
Happy Friday

I have a big smile on my face today
One of my favorite flowers is
It has the most amazing fragrance

Beautiful friends each brought me a flower
stem to make a bouquet
the pink daises, the yellow sunflower, 
a pink hydrangea,
and my favorite tuberose's
I am so grateful

When I got them home I placed the vase in this vintage
metal bottle carrier right by the door

I added  two rusty white tin pieces around the sides 
to help hide the vase

Do you know what this is?
It is a
 ~ french wire cooling rack~

It is fun to use it for cooling cookies

I just adore the shape and the almost lacy look 
so lately
it has been hanging on the wall

Thank You sweet friends
and a big Thank You to Sherry
{Love}her blog at
featuring our home for her

romantic saying for today
"This much I know is true the secret to lasting love is in the details"
Mary Eastham