Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Creating a romantic garden
 for your home 
Begins with choosing the right plants 
There are many amazing varieties to choose from I made a list of my favorites 
 that will help you set the stage for romance by
 adding amazing beauty and
 fragrance to your yard

One of my favorite plants to add to the garden is 
 ~paper white bulbs~
 they have such an intoxicating fragrance 
and every year you will be happy to see the bulbs bloom again

 is another plant 
that blesses us all with its amazing fragrance 
The gray colored leaves are also beautiful year round

This is a fabulous plant called 
 ~Breath of Heaven~
love the way this sways in the breeze
and its luscious fragrance
is soft and sweet

 are a wonderful border
 plant in our garden
to walk by and say tulips so romantic!!!!

Of coarse a romantic garden would not be complete
 with out beautiful
~Cabbage roses~
the quintessential flower of romance

 and last but not least
~ hydrangeas~
that look almost majestic in the garden

 Freshly cut hydrangeas
add romance and beauty

Do you have a favorite  romantic plant or flower
that grows in your garden
that you would add to this list
linking for Seasonal Sunday

romantic saying for today

"I Love thee I Love but thee with a Love that shall never die
 Till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old"