Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
 I am a romantic at heart 
One of my favorite guidelines for decorating a home
 is to remember to use the KISS test

~Keep ISimple Style~

 the KISS test works because it
 helps you simplify   
here is a great trick to see if a room 
can pass the KISS test

When you first walk into a room
 look to see what your eye first lands on 
Pretty sure if you do this with the picture above you would say the 
vintage gas station sign that says

The sign is pretty hard to miss
 this vintage treasure is amazing 
It came from an old gas station in Texas
We found it on our trip to the Midwest a few weeks ago
 I immediately thought of 
putting it somewhere in the kitchen
it does look fun 
But keeping a good balance is what we are trying to achieve
you do not want too many focal points

So for me this sign is bit too bold for the space

What do you think
Does this vintage sign pass the KISS test in your eyes
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Be Inspired

romantic saying for today

"Night and Day you are the one
Only you beneath the moon and the sun"