Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This little corner in our living room
 is where we all 
to sit together in the evenings
It is a warm and sunny spot with comfy 
seating and a special spot for our 10 year old pug
to sit with us too

Finley is a wonderful garden supervisor
he follows along outside
 to assist with grass inspection 

Finley waiting by the front door
 eager to go inside for his afternoon nap

The front door pansies are blooming 
do you see the matching
white vintage urns
their shape and size and of coarse the color 

Thrilled and grateful to have found another
one and now have a matching pair !!!
Can you believe we found
 the same gorgeous white urn
in  Round Top

Finley in his bed ready for his nap

Have you ever found a match for a vintage treasure !!!

romantic saying for today

"You come to Love not by finding the perfect person
 but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly"