Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
 when art captures life so beautifully
just look at 
this gorgeous pink rose from our garden

 And the amazing detail of the beautiful rose painted
 on this soup tureen
This tureen is one of my favorite "go to" vases in winter 

 Perfect vase for dried hydrangeas from our garden
The flowers have such a warm and rustic feel to them 
I have learned not to buy vases anymore 
it is much more fun to think out of the box and use the treasures we already have for flowers
Do you do this too

There are so many ways to dry hydrangeas but my favorite way 
{also the simplest} 
is to pick the flowers and immediately put them in an arrangement without water
 the flowers  start to dry "as is"
 and can stay in the vase for months

Even though the garden looks a little bare
 now that the roses and hydrangeas
  have been pruned 
we can still enjoy these dried flowers 

We are  busy planting spring bulbs and vegetables
 that were grown from seed in the greenhouse 
can't wait to show you the baby carrots and artichokes too

romantic saying for today

"That which is Loved is always beautiful"