Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This vintage hall tree was in really bad shape
 when we found it on one of our early morning walks
it was on the side of the road in the trash pile
our neighbors son and his roommates were throwing it away

The bones were good
but it did need work
this piece just seemed to be screaming chalk paint

You may remember this before picture.........
 So with the "vintage white" chalk paint in hand and no sanding or primer
this  trashed hall tree started to come alive
all the lovely details really began to pop

Because this was my first time using chalk paint
it was fun to see if it was going to live up to all the hype I had read about
yes it is worth all the hype
chalk paints coverage I only gave this piece one coat to see the coverage
it was amazing and it
has a great matt finish that has a vintage look and feel

Do you see the bullet mark on the top left of the mirror
 someone had used this piece for bb gun target practice
We were going to replace it but
that just had to stay as part of the history of our new vintage hall tree
makes me giggle

  The hall tree looks right at home
painted white

Have you tried chalk paint too
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romantic saying for today

"A kiss is only a moment but that moment forever lasts in your heart"